True Love

True Love

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

1 years old - milestones

Easton turned 1 on July 26th. It's crazy thinking only a year ago we were headed to the hospital to finally meet our little boy. He's been a sweet blessing to our family and we are very grateful to have him in our home.

1 year stats


All done

Adie (sadie our dog)

Easton will eat pretty much anything you put in front of him and if he doesn't like it just add some katchup and he will eat it (weird I know, but a great way to get him to eat his veggies)

Smart kid:
Easton is a very smart little boy. Probably  a little to smart for his age. He is a very fast learner too.
He loves to sit and read, build and stack anything he can possbily get to stack on top on each other. He can put away his clothes and he will help Mommy wash and dry his laundry, he sits on the dryer and I will put clothes on his lap and he tosses them in the washer and will close the lid. He will also open the dryer and when you had his clothes to him he will put them inside. He loves helping in away he can. He will even put all his toys away and if you tell him to get a certain item by name he knows what exactly it is your asking.

Milestones thru the first year of life

2 hours old- held his head up and looked around the room
2 weeks old- rolled over
3 months- sat up and started crawling ( and not the army crawl, he full on took off crawling)
8 1/2 months-9 months- he started walking and hasn't stopped since, except now he runs
first tooth- well he cut 4 at once- 10 months and currently he has a total of 6 teeth.

Eastons Best friend is - Sadie, these two could play for hours. Chasing eachother. Easton teasing Sadie with food or toys or balls. Our house is full of laughter when they play together.

Easton's birthday party

Theme: Phoenix Coyotes
Colors: Red, black and cream
food: Stadium themed: hamburgers, hot dogs, chips, Grandma Warners famous potatoe salad soda, gatorade, and of course a full dessert table with lots of homemade yummy goodness: Heather's famout Chocolate chip cookies, Aunti Shay's Lemon bars, brownies, hockey oreo pucks on a stick, homemade lollipops
Cake: well we had 2 cakes, thats cause I had to make a Hockey rink cake for the guests and Eastons very own 8" two layer chocolattly goodness of a hockey puck cake ( I even made the Coyotes logo on top)

Once Easton's got a taste of all that yummy chocolatlly black frosting he was loving it and didnt want to stop, but you have to cut him off at some point right?

After cake it was off to a quick bath in the sink and back to all the party and fun.

Easton was a spoiled little boy with all his presents (the pool table was covered in gifts)
Easton wasn't really too intereseted in unwrapping his presents like his mommy was.
Thank you everyone for all the amazing thoughtful gifts, Easton has played non stop with all the toys and has worn all the clothes already .

Overall the party was a success, thanks to all my family and Mother in law also for helping me pull such an important day off. It turned out exactly as I had planned and my family had to put up withmy craziness and meltdown but overall I say Easton's 1st birtday was a complete success.


1 Year Photoshoot
Photos taken by the AMAZING Jessica @ Kismet and Kisses Photography

Monday, September 17, 2012


I have been catching up and finding old drafts that for some reason were never published.. I am making sure they are posted so I have everything documented.

be on the look out for Eastons's 1 year post

4 months

I can't believe its been 4 months already. Where did the time go. My little man isnt so little any more. He is sucking his thumb more often and still loves his binkie too. He has a new love for baby tiger (which use to be mine from my tiger collection) He loves his snuggie blanket his Aunti Lala made him. He loves to laugh and giggle and has learned how to grab things and pick them up and put anything in his mouth. His favorite thing to chew on is his Elephant rattle and his alphabet rings. He has traveled to Utah, Wyomining and Bear Lake Utah this month. He got to meet his Great Grandma Shirley who just loved holding him and making him smile. He meet lots of cousins and just loved everyone and all the new faces. He really isnt a fan of the car or his carseat anymore since all the road trips. He got to see his first snow and realized he doesnt like being cold at all. We gave him a piece of snow to hold and he freaked out and dropped it, funny reaction, bad parents hehe.

Weight 16 lbs
height 25 inches

He still eats every 2.5 hours and gets a tablespoon of rice cereal for breakfast and he loves it. He has been trying to roll from his back to belly and he almost has it until he gets his arm stuck underneath him. He can still roll tummy to back and still hate tummy time. He loves his doggy Sadie, he has learned how to grab onto her fur and will grab her ears and neck and pull her to him to give him kisses and of course Sadie wants to kiss him back. When Easton is crying and we can't get to him fast enough Sadie will rush over and kiss him and Easton calms down when he sees her. They will grow up to be the best of buddies  I just know it..

lots of catching up to do Easotn 9 months and Easter

sorry I have been MIA for several months having a mobile baby takes all your time and I can never get on the computer.I am not longer with Wells Fargo I am now employed with Edward Jones Investments. I will be doing insurance transfers with with a track plan of getting into the management training program. I am looking forward to this new job. Its a very family oriented company, better hours ( home by 430p) and better pay of course. Braden is still at Wells Fargo as a Branch Manager and is enjoying the daily challanges his job presents. Now on to the person is actually interested in...... EASTON MARK HATCH.... this not go little guy is almost 9 months old, well will be 9 months in a week... where to start with this kid.... lets see...

Easton Facts:
Still no teeth, but working hard to cut them ( I am sure he will cut all at one shot), but hes been really good not to cranky with them
Loves love loves being outside
Grandma Warner got Easton a walker and he loves to walk everywhere now
He walks along the couch, and stands for a few seconds, he has also started holding one hand with me walking
He loves loves his daddy, when daddy is home mommy doesnt exsist, but thats ok
he giggles all the time
extermely ticklish
takes big boy baths, and could paly in the tub all night if I let him
Grandma Loni  and Aunte Monte took Easton for his first pool experience, which he loved
he is eats a ton of food about 5 ounces per meal
he loves puff and baby cheetos and teething biscuits
He can drink out of a sippy and loves to drink water from it
Easton is talking more, well babbling, more like screaming, screeching as loud as he can
loves to play with his doggy Sadie, they are best friends
He wears 18 month jammies ( which he is almost to talll for)
regular clothes are 9-12 months, pants are about 9 months the 12 months are a little big.
he stands taller than my knee about 2 inches above my knee

Life in the Hatch family has been very busy, hopefully it will slow down very soon, but I am guessing with our very active Easton it will not but that perfectly ok with me. I love that he keeps me on my toes and I am so excited to plan his first birthday in just 4 short months. It will be an EPIC event.

old post i found that never got posted Christmas 2011 in Holbrook

We ventured to Holbrook for Christmas this year. All the Hatch kids were home. Stratton was home from basic and it was really nice having him there and catching up with him and Jessica.. We got to have Grandma Beverly home this year. It was so much fun learning some the Hatch "traditions".

Holbrook Christmas 2011

This year we spent our very first Christmas in Holbrook. The trip festivities consisted of me working half day on the 23rd and having 24th off.. I was left to pack the car as Braden had to work till 2p.
So i had to pack my bag, bradens bag, Easton 2 bags,Sadie’s bag and ALL the presents and Easton's bouncer, bumbo and lots of blankets.

 Now usually Braden packs the car the night before and then I head up to his work and pick him up and we start our drive, well this trip I HAD to pack the car... it was pure adventure..Not sure how I made it all fit but I did even with room for Sadie and Easton.
It's always a fun adventure when I have to drive with Easton and Sadie to go get Braden for our drives to Holbrook. This time on our way up thru Bush Hwy Sadie decided she didn’t like all the up and down and curves and decided to get sick for 2 hours tillwe got to Payson, we stopped let her out of the car, got gas, feed Easton and gave Sadie some Benadryl (which we normally don’t leave home without for Sadie- but this time we forgot it) once she got that she was ok and we made it the rest of the way to Holbrook without a car/motion sick dog. Sadie loves Grandma Loni's house because she a huge huge backyard and she can lap it, well this time it had partial snow on the grass and it was fun to watch her outside because she would jump over the snow so she wouldn’t haveto walk thru it.. It’s always a great time for Sadie
Christmas Eve, Blaine lots of yummy tapas’ (hatch tradition on Christmas Eve) which was amazing as usual, did the family (both sides) tradition of Christmas Eve jammies and of course Easton got some too ( which are 6 months and too small ) and then wewatched A Christmas Story. Christmas Day was on Sunday so we got to attend 1 hour of church and come home and change back into our jammies and open our stockings and presents, Easton didn’t know at first what to do with his but once he figured it out he startedgrabbing everything he could and then we layer them all on the floor and he was overwhelmed, but loved all his stocking stuff Santa got for him, he decided that was enough fun for him and took a nap. We all opened our Christmas presents and got lots of funstuff, I got some new diamond earring from Kay and Braden got is new Call of Duty game(which he didn’t think he would get, cause i don’t like it). There were lots of fun amazing presents. Then Easton realized he was missing out on all the fun and wanted tojoin the party. Braden and I helped him open a few presents and once he got his little hands on the paper he would tear it and try to eat it.. To speed things up, each person got to help him open the rest of the presents. Santa and Mommy and Daddy spoiled him,but he was such a good boy he deserved it all. Bradens favorite part of Christmas, besides playing with all his new toys is the breakfast tradition of Risengrynsgrot ( a type of Rice pudding with lots of butter cream sugar and cinnamon and one white almond)- whoever gets the almond will have good luck till next Christmas and this year Jessica got it (perfect cause she is in nursing school) and ebelskivers- these are too die for .. I can eat them forever. Christmas this year was amazing, granted I didn’t get mywhite Christmas  I still had snow which made me a very happy girl. I didn’t get a chance to get our Christmas card out so her it is.


Thursday, January 12, 2012

5 Months

(sorry cant get the pictures to load upright)

He is about 17lbs now

Easton turned 5 months the day after Christmas.. He doesn’t look like a 5 month old though.. He looks more like 7- 8 months..

-Easton is still a very scheduled little man, he functions very well on a schedule just like his momma :) this drives Daddy crazy sometimes but he doesn’t mind too much since i have lightened up a bit on it

-Eating 5 oz every 3-4 hours now, still napping 3 times a day

-He is eating cereal 3 times a day and loves it.. sometimes I think I could just sit and feed him all day long and he would be a happy man..

- Easton celebrated his first Christmas in Holbrook this year, with his uncle Stratty aunt Jessica, aunt Ri, Aunt Karson grandma and grandpa Loni and Great grandma Beverly, he was spoiled by Santa this year, i think he made out better than all of us :) there was still snow on the ground, he didn’t play in it was too cold for him. He

-Easton tried his first bite of homemade green beans and homemade sweet potatoes, which he DID NOT like, even tried mixing with cereal and did not want that either, i also tried homemade peas, yea no didn’t want that either.

-we are taking a little break on the baby food at this time as easton has gotten sick, runny, nose, wet cough, fussy for the first time... he is sick, but still a happy baby except when it comes to napping he wants to be held or in our bed. Poor little buy.. But oh so cuddly

- he is now going to bed at 830p-9p, which gives me and braden more time to catch up and get things done around the house.

-he has learned to finally roll from back to belly and vice versa and will push himself around in circles when he is on his belly

-he has turned in to a tummy sleeper, so all the stuffed animals and blankets are now removed from his crib. His favorite spot in his is crib in the upper left corner and loves to face the wall.

- Easton has started to recognize Sadie alot more and they are becoming great friends.. Easton loves to pull on Sadie’s ears and mouth and Sadie just takes it (what a nice doggy) they just love each other and I know they will be the best of friends as they grow up together.

Monday, January 2, 2012

4 months old

I have been slacking on the bloggin.... heres a couple posts

(4 months- i forgot to get a good picture so this will have to do)

- He still sleeping thru the night, he upped his bedtime to 930p (very nice)

- He started eating cereal 3 times a day (which has really helped his reflux)

- He is taking 3 set naps a day: 9a 1p and 4p, still drinking 5oz of formula, eating almost every 3-3.5 hours now

- He contracted his first viral infection and mostly drank plain pediaytle for about a week and finally got better

- He made his first trip to Holbrook in Nov and it was very cold for Thanksgiving, (this was his 3nd  car trip and did way better this time around and we took sadie with us and she kept Easton company in the back seat

- We then made our first trip to Utah, we drove to Holbrook first, spent the night, then headed to Utah bright and early 6am, for our 10 hour drive me to meet grandma Loni for her dad Milt's funeral. We were gone for almost a week and Easton was in thecar a lot(his longest car trip so far) .. He was over the car and carseat by about day 3... He met alot of his cousins for the very first time and his great grandma Shirley (who just adored him and loved on him alot)

-Easton made his first Bear Lake trip, where Grandma Loni and Braden spent most of their summers. We spent a the night at Aunt Monte’s cabin ( was super nice) and Easton got to experience -5 degree weather which he DID NOT like at all.. (This was partof our funeral trip - Grandpa Milt was buried next to his son Devero at Bear Lake.)

Bear Lake- The Cash Cabin

yes he faceplanted into the stering wheel- horrible parenting

Meeting his Great Grandma Shirley

He loves sitting with his Grandma

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Racing to 30

Make sure you are following my new blog

check out my races that are lined up, see how my training is going and read my posts of my races as I complete them.

Race #2 Arizona Run Walk and Roll. Jan 7th 2012

Running this race with my good friend Allison Brandon :)

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


finish time 37:59 (personal best)

Check out my race results at

Saturday, December 10, 2011

30 race before I turn 30 races

So I came up with this crazy goal and running 30 races and getting 30 finisher awards, ribbons and medals. I created my a blog to help hold myself accountable

My first race is tomorrow, its the Phoenix Iron Girl 5k. I have trained a little not much but I feel ready and nervous at the same time. My goal is to complete the race in under 45 minutes or less. I know I can do it because after I gave birth to my sweet girl Evelyn I ran 10k when she was just 3 months old with very minimal training and completed it 10 minutes less than what I did the year prior so this 5k (3.1 miles) shouldnt be a problem. Braden and Easton will be there to cheer me on as I run with my friend Sarah and Melissa. Update to follow.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Family Photos 2011

My friend Marci, who I have known for a long time, at took these amazing pictures for us. We are so in love with them.