True Love

True Love

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Christmas Crafts on my list

This is my list of Christmas crafts I want to make for my home

My wreath




Glitter trees


Ribbon tree




Thanksgiving in Holbrook 2010

Thanksgiving was great. We headed up to Holbrook Az on Wednesday night and we ended up hitting snow.. I was pretty excited as I love snow... We got into town about 1130pm. Sadie got sick on they way up from the curvy, up and down roads... but once she got the Grandma's she was soo happy and was in heaven with all the people who was playing with her... she loved Beverly's huge back yard and would just sprint from one side to the other.. even though the ground was covered in snow she loved but once you got her outside she instantly started shivering... She loved Loni's poodle Molly, but Molly wasn't a fan of Sadie, but for the majority they got along. Blaine made a wonderful turkey and good food..I can't believe I actually ate a plate and half of food, and my mommy Terri would be surprised that i tried (by force of braden and loni - on each side with a fork in my face) mashed Ginger/sweet potatoes... surprise i actually kinda liked them... we left around 10pm to head back to the valley, cause I had to work on Friday, Sadie this time was alot better and didn't get car sick, that made the trip home easier. when we left Holbrook the temperature was 20 degrees and as we left we watched the temperature drop to 11 on the way home. poor little Sadie was soo cold when we left i cuddled her in a blanket on my lap and she fell asleep for a bit.. so cute .. We had a great Thanksgiving and took some family pictures for Christmas cards...

NOW on to Christmas... the house will start to be decorated on Sunday(expect the tree, i have a few new ornaments to get and make)

Sunday, November 21, 2010

what we have been up to

we have been busy the last couple months. we had Roy Brandon's 30th birthday party, i made his Michigan Helmet cake :) he loved it, but loved Ali's cake pops more :)

Then there was halloween, Braden dressed up as a dead surgeon for work and my office had a pumpkin decoratung carving contest, we made Hootie the Blow Fish and we WON!! (yes we hot glued each indivdual candy corn on the pumpkin.

Tabitha and I had our first monthly craft day where we made these corn husk wreaths (thanks to my wonderful sister Laura for the idea)

 I made pumpkin spice cupcakes with a cinnamon honey cream cheese frosting for work for our halloween potluck

The Gilbert Arizona Temple is being built just 20 minutes from our house and we had the opporunity to attend the ground breaking with our friend Tabitha and Clint and there adorable twin girls (who are 10 weeks old and so cuddly, I love holding them)

I got to spend a wonderful weekend with some very special and amazing women. I went up to Showlow to Audra's cabin with these amazing girls. We had so much fun. We sang Kareokee, went to the Snowflake Temple and ate and a hole in the wall place, its was decent food :)

And of course Sadie has been a handful of fun as always. She is such a ball of energy. She loves to be chased around the house, she knows house to sit and she is learning lay down and stay. she knows when we turn the TV off and tell her night night that its bed time and refuses to go to bed and will run away from us. She is almost 6 months old and weighs 16 pounds.

We are getting ready to go to Holbrook to celebrate Thanksgiving with Braden's family and we are taking Sadie on her first road trip. It's a 3 hour drive so lets see how it goes, oh yea his parents have a poddle and Bradens aunt might be bringing ther little dog to.

Friday, November 19, 2010


This is my MOTHER.

other names:

Mom, mother, mamma, mamma warner, mamaseata, mommy

Who she is:







good listener






my mother has been thru alot and still stands tall and strong thru it all.

she is my bestest friend

the one i can turn to with anything

she has raised us alone since we were just 3 years old

she has supported me thru my life’s toughest trials

has been my shoulder to cry on several times

she is a great listener and gives wonderful advice

no matter what path I choose in life she always supported me

This is my MOTHER



She was there for me when I got out of unhealthy marriage and supported my every decision

She was there for me when I had Evelyn( even though she sat by the head of my bed when I delivered her) having her there in the room when her first grandchild was born meant everything to me. she was there those 3 trying days and when i wasn’t sure i could place her. she was there, my mother my support.

I am so grateful I had my mother's support thru the process even though it was hurting her tom But she knew God's plan for Evelyn and KNEW this was where she was to be.

she was there when I got married again and supported me thru it all and has been there for me ever since

She is always a phone call away when i need to call, miss Evelyn or just want to hear her sweet voice and see how her day has been.

This is MY MOTHER, I love her so much

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Amazing Husband, Loving Father

(what a handsome man my daddy was)

Here are some facts my mommy told me about my daddy. I dont remember much of him at at but the things I do remember I will always cherish

He had an awesome mustache. [11 inches across at one point, he measured.]

He made sure to tell EVERYONE (& I mean everyone) that Mama was having twins.

He was SO excited.

He use to get his hair permed into an afro, at the same place great grandma got her hair done. [She was so embarrassed.]

He liked to disco dance. and was good at it too. [As witnessed by Mama.]

He loved country dancing.

He was “scared” of my sister and I when we were real little, so he would work late or have grandpa come over and “help”.

He loved horses.

He was very selfless. He would give you his own shirt if you needed it more.

Christmas was his VERY favorite holiday. ( This is my FAVORITE holiday too)

He loved wrapping presents, so Mama would leave all the wrapping to him.

He use to pick out Mama’s clothes. She hated shopping and Daddy was good at it.

(not many people know this about my daddy, he was in a movie CARRIE, he broke 4 ribs, crashed a car and was the hand at the end of the movie-- so proud of my daddy)

Tuesday, November 9, 2010



My dad calling to say Melanie was born.

Daddy with his 3 adorable christmas presents

Heather - This picture is of Melanie's baptism into the Lutheran church. It was Father's day (3 months before he passed away).

Celebrating our 4th birthday right after daddy passed away. Thank you Aunt Lisa and Uncle Steve for helping our sweet mother after dad was gone.

March 2, 2002- We became and eternal family this day. I am so grateful to be part of an Eternal family and being sealed to my dad.
I will always love you. You are missed very much.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

name change

my birthmother blog will be getting a new name tomorrow...

please take note!!!