True Love

True Love

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Amazing Husband, Loving Father

(what a handsome man my daddy was)

Here are some facts my mommy told me about my daddy. I dont remember much of him at at but the things I do remember I will always cherish

He had an awesome mustache. [11 inches across at one point, he measured.]

He made sure to tell EVERYONE (& I mean everyone) that Mama was having twins.

He was SO excited.

He use to get his hair permed into an afro, at the same place great grandma got her hair done. [She was so embarrassed.]

He liked to disco dance. and was good at it too. [As witnessed by Mama.]

He loved country dancing.

He was “scared” of my sister and I when we were real little, so he would work late or have grandpa come over and “help”.

He loved horses.

He was very selfless. He would give you his own shirt if you needed it more.

Christmas was his VERY favorite holiday. ( This is my FAVORITE holiday too)

He loved wrapping presents, so Mama would leave all the wrapping to him.

He use to pick out Mama’s clothes. She hated shopping and Daddy was good at it.

(not many people know this about my daddy, he was in a movie CARRIE, he broke 4 ribs, crashed a car and was the hand at the end of the movie-- so proud of my daddy)

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m.e.w said...

i love that you keep stealing my scanned photos!
ill let it pass bc they are of dad!