True Love

True Love

Thursday, October 28, 2010


2 years ago i had a beautiful little girl. she was perfect. no cone head no white stuff. just perfect little girl i have ever seen. she was born at 832am 7lbs 1oz 20 inches long. she never cried (only when aunt Lala put her cold hands on her belly. the first night she didn't sleep very well or eat much, she was up throwing up most of the night, when my sister and mom returned the next morning at 9am we called the nurse in she still wasn't keeping anything down , it turned she had a bunch of yucky fluid in her tummy and had to have it pumped, my sweet sister Laura went with Evelyn to have this done, as i couldn't bear seeing my baby in pain. she came back and was a happy baby and starting eating a ton. we would have to wake her her up at night for her feedings. i didn't sleep much those 3 long days in the hospital (they were 3 long wonderful days), 3 days i was able to be her mother, love her, care for her, learn her little quirks, feed her and cuddle her. she was mine for those days, i cherished every second with her, wanting her know how much i loved and love her still. then it was time for her to go home with her mommy and daddy, who i had picked out with the help of the Lord's guidance. That was a really hard day in my life to leave the hospital without her in my car, but i know she was going home with right family.

She is an very loved little girl. She has blessed lives of those around her in so many ways. She blessed my life and for her I am grateful. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH LITTLE GIRL! ENJOY THIS DAY AND ALWAYS REMEMBER I LOVE YOU NO MATTER WHAT AND WILL NEVER STOP LOVING YOU!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

happy birthday to me

I went to Florida to be with my Twin to celebrate this year. we have celebrated 25 our of 27 birthdays together, 25th- not able to travel as i was 8 months prego and 26- work refused me time off :( this year i was able to get 5 days off and spend it with my saster Laura. We had such a fun time. We went fishing caught grouper and grunt (and i caught the first catch, well we thought it was fish and turned out to be seaweed, lame) still fun though ( that was for A's birthday on 10/8- Happy Birthday). Sunday we went to Disney World and had a blast. We got VIP seating (thank you D) to the Parade, I loved it. Laura laughed at me the whole time because i kept saying "look Mickey, Look Goofy" ( i did this to all the characters, Especially when I saw my Favorite one of all CINDERELLA. I love Disneyland.  I love the parades, the  musical performances, everything is awesome. The boys left us there for 4 hours ( birthday stuff) to long. we got some sister bonding time and rode fun rides, we even had a little boy about 8-10 yrs old tell us Happy Birthday and gave us a yummy cupcake( his mom was with him :) ) it was better than mine ( yes i know hehe). Needless to say it was a great night with yummy food and lots lots lots of presents. ( pictures to follow soon)

Saturday, October 2, 2010