True Love

True Love

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Family Pictures

Alot Happening

Well as many of you already know.......Heavenly blessed me with the confirmation that I did my best the last year and that staying with a man who has an addiction and is not faithful was not in His plan for me... It has been a rough past year... but a year of many blessing as well. I have a loving, supportive family which I couldn't be happier to have... This year was filled with many surprises... Feb brought a beautiful blessing but then that blessing was taken from me for many good reasons. God has a plan and a reason for all things. I didn't realize his plan in Feb but in August I realized why my blessing was taken from me... The start of the year will be a fresh start for my life. I get to start over with new relationships.... Work has gone well this year, of course with struggles in Feb, Aug, Sept, Nov, and Dec.. with all the drama and going to court, but I made it through the year... I can't wait for Jan 1st because I know I will be blessed in many ways... School is almost over, only a year and half left till I get to teach kindergarten.. I will move on to get a Masters in Special Education and work with grades k-3.... this is just the beginning of many beginnings

Friday, November 9, 2007

Wonderful Day!!

Today is a great day... right before I left work yesterday I was talking to a new student who wants to go to school.. she told me I was really bubbly and that she was glad God put me in her life... This was the best thing that could be said for me.. I was having a really bad day yesterday.. I spoke to her this morning and she once again told me the same thing.. I am really starting to like my job at UoP.... I am glad that I am helping others change their lives.... at the same time that I am going through life changing events and have been having a really hard time... but I am better today because of this student...

Thursday, November 8, 2007


So with everything going on in my life right now i am really frustrated... I wish things would move faster in my life and I could move on... Work is okay I wish I had more students that really wanted to go to school but noooo they keep saying I want to start in Jan b/c of the holidays. Well what the heck are you going to do next year when the holidays come around again quit school for 3 months... lame... anyways my friend is going out of town this weekend and I am sad but I am having a fun girls weekend.. Tasha and I are going Salsa dancing Saturday night so that will be tons of fun I will make sure to post pictures of it... I miss my family alot also right now... I really want to see my Momma and sisters... okay I am done venting now

Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Look we stand the same. It must be a twin thing
After conference Picture
What a beautiful sight
Teh spirit is so strong inside the conference center
We parked far
Auntie Carries baby Princess Sophie( my new cousin) Oh how I miss her
melanie wanted to get us gag gifts for out birthday
Sarai and Monte Memmotts 3 beautiful children
sisters forever
Fun at the mall

Cosmic Bowling

Bithday girls