True Love

True Love

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thanksgiving in Holbrook 2010

Thanksgiving was great. We headed up to Holbrook Az on Wednesday night and we ended up hitting snow.. I was pretty excited as I love snow... We got into town about 1130pm. Sadie got sick on they way up from the curvy, up and down roads... but once she got the Grandma's she was soo happy and was in heaven with all the people who was playing with her... she loved Beverly's huge back yard and would just sprint from one side to the other.. even though the ground was covered in snow she loved but once you got her outside she instantly started shivering... She loved Loni's poodle Molly, but Molly wasn't a fan of Sadie, but for the majority they got along. Blaine made a wonderful turkey and good food..I can't believe I actually ate a plate and half of food, and my mommy Terri would be surprised that i tried (by force of braden and loni - on each side with a fork in my face) mashed Ginger/sweet potatoes... surprise i actually kinda liked them... we left around 10pm to head back to the valley, cause I had to work on Friday, Sadie this time was alot better and didn't get car sick, that made the trip home easier. when we left Holbrook the temperature was 20 degrees and as we left we watched the temperature drop to 11 on the way home. poor little Sadie was soo cold when we left i cuddled her in a blanket on my lap and she fell asleep for a bit.. so cute .. We had a great Thanksgiving and took some family pictures for Christmas cards...

NOW on to Christmas... the house will start to be decorated on Sunday(expect the tree, i have a few new ornaments to get and make)

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audra said...

Wow, you are so crafty! I prefer to not have to think so hard (cuz I'm not creative) and just randomly buy stuff that's already made :)