True Love

True Love

Monday, September 17, 2012

old post i found that never got posted Christmas 2011 in Holbrook

We ventured to Holbrook for Christmas this year. All the Hatch kids were home. Stratton was home from basic and it was really nice having him there and catching up with him and Jessica.. We got to have Grandma Beverly home this year. It was so much fun learning some the Hatch "traditions".

Holbrook Christmas 2011

This year we spent our very first Christmas in Holbrook. The trip festivities consisted of me working half day on the 23rd and having 24th off.. I was left to pack the car as Braden had to work till 2p.
So i had to pack my bag, bradens bag, Easton 2 bags,Sadie’s bag and ALL the presents and Easton's bouncer, bumbo and lots of blankets.

 Now usually Braden packs the car the night before and then I head up to his work and pick him up and we start our drive, well this trip I HAD to pack the car... it was pure adventure..Not sure how I made it all fit but I did even with room for Sadie and Easton.
It's always a fun adventure when I have to drive with Easton and Sadie to go get Braden for our drives to Holbrook. This time on our way up thru Bush Hwy Sadie decided she didn’t like all the up and down and curves and decided to get sick for 2 hours tillwe got to Payson, we stopped let her out of the car, got gas, feed Easton and gave Sadie some Benadryl (which we normally don’t leave home without for Sadie- but this time we forgot it) once she got that she was ok and we made it the rest of the way to Holbrook without a car/motion sick dog. Sadie loves Grandma Loni's house because she a huge huge backyard and she can lap it, well this time it had partial snow on the grass and it was fun to watch her outside because she would jump over the snow so she wouldn’t haveto walk thru it.. It’s always a great time for Sadie
Christmas Eve, Blaine lots of yummy tapas’ (hatch tradition on Christmas Eve) which was amazing as usual, did the family (both sides) tradition of Christmas Eve jammies and of course Easton got some too ( which are 6 months and too small ) and then wewatched A Christmas Story. Christmas Day was on Sunday so we got to attend 1 hour of church and come home and change back into our jammies and open our stockings and presents, Easton didn’t know at first what to do with his but once he figured it out he startedgrabbing everything he could and then we layer them all on the floor and he was overwhelmed, but loved all his stocking stuff Santa got for him, he decided that was enough fun for him and took a nap. We all opened our Christmas presents and got lots of funstuff, I got some new diamond earring from Kay and Braden got is new Call of Duty game(which he didn’t think he would get, cause i don’t like it). There were lots of fun amazing presents. Then Easton realized he was missing out on all the fun and wanted tojoin the party. Braden and I helped him open a few presents and once he got his little hands on the paper he would tear it and try to eat it.. To speed things up, each person got to help him open the rest of the presents. Santa and Mommy and Daddy spoiled him,but he was such a good boy he deserved it all. Bradens favorite part of Christmas, besides playing with all his new toys is the breakfast tradition of Risengrynsgrot ( a type of Rice pudding with lots of butter cream sugar and cinnamon and one white almond)- whoever gets the almond will have good luck till next Christmas and this year Jessica got it (perfect cause she is in nursing school) and ebelskivers- these are too die for .. I can eat them forever. Christmas this year was amazing, granted I didn’t get mywhite Christmas  I still had snow which made me a very happy girl. I didn’t get a chance to get our Christmas card out so her it is.


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