True Love

True Love

Monday, September 17, 2012

lots of catching up to do Easotn 9 months and Easter

sorry I have been MIA for several months having a mobile baby takes all your time and I can never get on the computer.I am not longer with Wells Fargo I am now employed with Edward Jones Investments. I will be doing insurance transfers with with a track plan of getting into the management training program. I am looking forward to this new job. Its a very family oriented company, better hours ( home by 430p) and better pay of course. Braden is still at Wells Fargo as a Branch Manager and is enjoying the daily challanges his job presents. Now on to the person is actually interested in...... EASTON MARK HATCH.... this not go little guy is almost 9 months old, well will be 9 months in a week... where to start with this kid.... lets see...

Easton Facts:
Still no teeth, but working hard to cut them ( I am sure he will cut all at one shot), but hes been really good not to cranky with them
Loves love loves being outside
Grandma Warner got Easton a walker and he loves to walk everywhere now
He walks along the couch, and stands for a few seconds, he has also started holding one hand with me walking
He loves loves his daddy, when daddy is home mommy doesnt exsist, but thats ok
he giggles all the time
extermely ticklish
takes big boy baths, and could paly in the tub all night if I let him
Grandma Loni  and Aunte Monte took Easton for his first pool experience, which he loved
he is eats a ton of food about 5 ounces per meal
he loves puff and baby cheetos and teething biscuits
He can drink out of a sippy and loves to drink water from it
Easton is talking more, well babbling, more like screaming, screeching as loud as he can
loves to play with his doggy Sadie, they are best friends
He wears 18 month jammies ( which he is almost to talll for)
regular clothes are 9-12 months, pants are about 9 months the 12 months are a little big.
he stands taller than my knee about 2 inches above my knee

Life in the Hatch family has been very busy, hopefully it will slow down very soon, but I am guessing with our very active Easton it will not but that perfectly ok with me. I love that he keeps me on my toes and I am so excited to plan his first birthday in just 4 short months. It will be an EPIC event.

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