True Love

True Love

Monday, January 2, 2012

4 months old

I have been slacking on the bloggin.... heres a couple posts

(4 months- i forgot to get a good picture so this will have to do)

- He still sleeping thru the night, he upped his bedtime to 930p (very nice)

- He started eating cereal 3 times a day (which has really helped his reflux)

- He is taking 3 set naps a day: 9a 1p and 4p, still drinking 5oz of formula, eating almost every 3-3.5 hours now

- He contracted his first viral infection and mostly drank plain pediaytle for about a week and finally got better

- He made his first trip to Holbrook in Nov and it was very cold for Thanksgiving, (this was his 3nd  car trip and did way better this time around and we took sadie with us and she kept Easton company in the back seat

- We then made our first trip to Utah, we drove to Holbrook first, spent the night, then headed to Utah bright and early 6am, for our 10 hour drive me to meet grandma Loni for her dad Milt's funeral. We were gone for almost a week and Easton was in thecar a lot(his longest car trip so far) .. He was over the car and carseat by about day 3... He met alot of his cousins for the very first time and his great grandma Shirley (who just adored him and loved on him alot)

-Easton made his first Bear Lake trip, where Grandma Loni and Braden spent most of their summers. We spent a the night at Aunt Monte’s cabin ( was super nice) and Easton got to experience -5 degree weather which he DID NOT like at all.. (This was partof our funeral trip - Grandpa Milt was buried next to his son Devero at Bear Lake.)

Bear Lake- The Cash Cabin

yes he faceplanted into the stering wheel- horrible parenting

Meeting his Great Grandma Shirley

He loves sitting with his Grandma

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