True Love

True Love

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

1 years old - milestones

Easton turned 1 on July 26th. It's crazy thinking only a year ago we were headed to the hospital to finally meet our little boy. He's been a sweet blessing to our family and we are very grateful to have him in our home.

1 year stats


All done

Adie (sadie our dog)

Easton will eat pretty much anything you put in front of him and if he doesn't like it just add some katchup and he will eat it (weird I know, but a great way to get him to eat his veggies)

Smart kid:
Easton is a very smart little boy. Probably  a little to smart for his age. He is a very fast learner too.
He loves to sit and read, build and stack anything he can possbily get to stack on top on each other. He can put away his clothes and he will help Mommy wash and dry his laundry, he sits on the dryer and I will put clothes on his lap and he tosses them in the washer and will close the lid. He will also open the dryer and when you had his clothes to him he will put them inside. He loves helping in away he can. He will even put all his toys away and if you tell him to get a certain item by name he knows what exactly it is your asking.

Milestones thru the first year of life

2 hours old- held his head up and looked around the room
2 weeks old- rolled over
3 months- sat up and started crawling ( and not the army crawl, he full on took off crawling)
8 1/2 months-9 months- he started walking and hasn't stopped since, except now he runs
first tooth- well he cut 4 at once- 10 months and currently he has a total of 6 teeth.

Eastons Best friend is - Sadie, these two could play for hours. Chasing eachother. Easton teasing Sadie with food or toys or balls. Our house is full of laughter when they play together.

Easton's birthday party

Theme: Phoenix Coyotes
Colors: Red, black and cream
food: Stadium themed: hamburgers, hot dogs, chips, Grandma Warners famous potatoe salad soda, gatorade, and of course a full dessert table with lots of homemade yummy goodness: Heather's famout Chocolate chip cookies, Aunti Shay's Lemon bars, brownies, hockey oreo pucks on a stick, homemade lollipops
Cake: well we had 2 cakes, thats cause I had to make a Hockey rink cake for the guests and Eastons very own 8" two layer chocolattly goodness of a hockey puck cake ( I even made the Coyotes logo on top)

Once Easton's got a taste of all that yummy chocolatlly black frosting he was loving it and didnt want to stop, but you have to cut him off at some point right?

After cake it was off to a quick bath in the sink and back to all the party and fun.

Easton was a spoiled little boy with all his presents (the pool table was covered in gifts)
Easton wasn't really too intereseted in unwrapping his presents like his mommy was.
Thank you everyone for all the amazing thoughtful gifts, Easton has played non stop with all the toys and has worn all the clothes already .

Overall the party was a success, thanks to all my family and Mother in law also for helping me pull such an important day off. It turned out exactly as I had planned and my family had to put up withmy craziness and meltdown but overall I say Easton's 1st birtday was a complete success.

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