True Love

True Love

Thursday, January 12, 2012

5 Months

(sorry cant get the pictures to load upright)

He is about 17lbs now

Easton turned 5 months the day after Christmas.. He doesn’t look like a 5 month old though.. He looks more like 7- 8 months..

-Easton is still a very scheduled little man, he functions very well on a schedule just like his momma :) this drives Daddy crazy sometimes but he doesn’t mind too much since i have lightened up a bit on it

-Eating 5 oz every 3-4 hours now, still napping 3 times a day

-He is eating cereal 3 times a day and loves it.. sometimes I think I could just sit and feed him all day long and he would be a happy man..

- Easton celebrated his first Christmas in Holbrook this year, with his uncle Stratty aunt Jessica, aunt Ri, Aunt Karson grandma and grandpa Loni and Great grandma Beverly, he was spoiled by Santa this year, i think he made out better than all of us :) there was still snow on the ground, he didn’t play in it was too cold for him. He

-Easton tried his first bite of homemade green beans and homemade sweet potatoes, which he DID NOT like, even tried mixing with cereal and did not want that either, i also tried homemade peas, yea no didn’t want that either.

-we are taking a little break on the baby food at this time as easton has gotten sick, runny, nose, wet cough, fussy for the first time... he is sick, but still a happy baby except when it comes to napping he wants to be held or in our bed. Poor little buy.. But oh so cuddly

- he is now going to bed at 830p-9p, which gives me and braden more time to catch up and get things done around the house.

-he has learned to finally roll from back to belly and vice versa and will push himself around in circles when he is on his belly

-he has turned in to a tummy sleeper, so all the stuffed animals and blankets are now removed from his crib. His favorite spot in his is crib in the upper left corner and loves to face the wall.

- Easton has started to recognize Sadie alot more and they are becoming great friends.. Easton loves to pull on Sadie’s ears and mouth and Sadie just takes it (what a nice doggy) they just love each other and I know they will be the best of friends as they grow up together.

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