True Love

True Love

Friday, March 27, 2009

Enrichment Job

I am on the Enrichment Commitee, Fun lol... anyways I made the mistake of telling them I like to bake and have made 2 fake wedding cakes.. lol so i was put in charge of the RS Birthday cake.... So i bought a cupcake cake mold and my partner Katie helped, then I made 100 cupcakes and we decorated them for the Party.. well I got over zelous and decided to color the frosting and made 3 batch( 5 1/2 cups per batch) of cream cheese frosting lol then put fake little flowers on the top.. my back and feet were sore but everyone loved them.. i am kinda into making fun cupcakes right now.. next challange a cupcake cake (the one that looks like a sheet cake)


audra said...

Alright, your in charge of bringing the treats next time you come to group... :)

Heather said...

sounds good to me lol... name a theme and i will try

Debbie and Matt said...
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Debbie and Matt said...

Hiiii! hahahahaha i accidently deleted my comment hahaha... YOUR DOING A WONDERFUL JOB! You are a very talented lady... im telling u if you and i were in the same ward we'd bake like crazy hahahahaha baking is fun huh! I miss u!