True Love

True Love

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

16 weeks down 24 more to go

I am officially 16 weeks.. i have a bit of a baby bump. the first trimester i was really tired and would fall asleep at about 830pm every night and nauseous most of the time. i haven’t really had much of any kind of craving. the only thing i usually crave is if i see something that looks really good then i want it till i get it and then most of the time i am satisfied with that craving.. except smore's the Saturday before valentine's were watching "the best thing i ever ate" and there were smore's and i wanted them, i attempted to recreate at home without graham crackers and wasn’t satisfied, then braden made reservations for us at The Melting Pot in Scottsdale and as i was looking over the menus of fondues what did i find.. SMORE'S FONDUE- i was in heaven, melted chocolate with marshmallow fluff flambed at your table topped with graham cracker crumbs... my first bite i was in heaven, braden laughed at me, the whole meal was amazing but this by far was my favorite part. the craving is still there but not as strong, i haven’t eaten any since then. I really don’t have much of an appetite, nothing usually sounds good me so when i can’t figure something out i turn to cereal- Honeycombs or Captain Crunch no berries or a large glass of milk.

so now being in the 2nd trimester, i am not as tired i can stay up till about 10 now, still earlier than we normally head to bed. I am not nauseous anymore. I do get migraines and dizzy but they say that’s normal. We find out in 2 weeks 2 days MARCH 9TH if it’s a boy or girl, or as Braden says to confirm its a BOY!.. lol we don’t know yet though.

I am already getting things ready as much as i can.. moving my crafts/sewing in to the guestroom. i didn’t realize how much stuff i had accumulated in the past several years, and of course it’s hard to part with so i will make it fit and look great :) 

Sorry not the best picture

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Love Day

My sweet husband and I both took the day off from work and slept in and he made me breakfast and we releaxed together till it was time to go to dinner. He made a reservation at The Melting Pot in Scottsdale. We both have never been there before and thought it would be fun, and it was. We had a private both, 4 course meal took a little lovers quiz, got a goody bad and a picture of us in a frame. I love when i get to spend a weekday with my honey. He is so good to me. espeically being pregnant and dealing with my mood swings, i get irritable for no reason at all and i mean NO REASON. it's pretty funny, i can laugh about it cause i know I am ridiculous most of the time, and i will tell him i know it something that shouldnt bother me( and i laugh when telling him) and i should let it go because its something so small and meaningless, but i just DON't. Braden has so much patience for me.

This june we will have known (or to some people been dating/together/in love) each for 3 years. Our first date was on July 4th, when he stole my # from his friend Randall and he called me and I couldnt say no, we were inseparable from that point on, we were officially dating right before i left for California for Christmas and I told him I loved him first on new years eve and his response "I know" then he said I love you too.. it was pretty funny....

He has been the best thing (besides Evie) that has happened to me. What man will date a pregnant girl, stick with her thru the remaining 5 months and take her to the hospital when he water breaks, sit thru her crying/screaming/biting (when i got the epidural-which i didnt know i bit him till the next day when he told me)and my adoption and be there for me after I placed my Evie with her family and never leave my side. I never imagined he would stick around and or let alone want to marry me. I am so grateful for such a loving/caring/understanding man. I couldnt ask Heavenly Father for a better husband, soon to be father.

Monday, February 7, 2011


Not much has happened so far in 2011. We have basically been doing the same old thing.. Braden has turned his store from a bottom store to a #1 store in the market and is top in the state of Arizon. I am still at Wells in the Fraud Department. I am trying to get back in school so I can work with adoptive couples and educating a lot of people of why open adoption is such a wonderful thing and how you CAN NOT pressure a young girl into adoption even if YOU think its not the best thing for her or the baby. I can’t wait to get into this field. Its my passion. We are getting Sealed Feb 26th in the San Deigo temple (yes I know its far, but its been my dream since I joined the chruch). We have been married a year and half and we are excited to finally get sealed and have our family and closest friends their supporting us and showing their love.

We have almost completed all rooms in our house now.. we have officially decorated and painted the guest room. Next is landscaping the backyard and then decorating and painting the other guest room.

We look forward to what 2011 will bring and how our lives will soon change.

“Hatching” 8/8/2011

We are very excited to be parents and couldn’t be happier. Sadie is very excited to become a BIG SISTER!