True Love

True Love

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Love Day

My sweet husband and I both took the day off from work and slept in and he made me breakfast and we releaxed together till it was time to go to dinner. He made a reservation at The Melting Pot in Scottsdale. We both have never been there before and thought it would be fun, and it was. We had a private both, 4 course meal took a little lovers quiz, got a goody bad and a picture of us in a frame. I love when i get to spend a weekday with my honey. He is so good to me. espeically being pregnant and dealing with my mood swings, i get irritable for no reason at all and i mean NO REASON. it's pretty funny, i can laugh about it cause i know I am ridiculous most of the time, and i will tell him i know it something that shouldnt bother me( and i laugh when telling him) and i should let it go because its something so small and meaningless, but i just DON't. Braden has so much patience for me.

This june we will have known (or to some people been dating/together/in love) each for 3 years. Our first date was on July 4th, when he stole my # from his friend Randall and he called me and I couldnt say no, we were inseparable from that point on, we were officially dating right before i left for California for Christmas and I told him I loved him first on new years eve and his response "I know" then he said I love you too.. it was pretty funny....

He has been the best thing (besides Evie) that has happened to me. What man will date a pregnant girl, stick with her thru the remaining 5 months and take her to the hospital when he water breaks, sit thru her crying/screaming/biting (when i got the epidural-which i didnt know i bit him till the next day when he told me)and my adoption and be there for me after I placed my Evie with her family and never leave my side. I never imagined he would stick around and or let alone want to marry me. I am so grateful for such a loving/caring/understanding man. I couldnt ask Heavenly Father for a better husband, soon to be father.


A Life Being Lived said...

You deserve only the best and I'm glad your hubby is so amazing!!

Kelcie&Taylor said...

Braden fell in love with you when you were pregnant! Of course he can put up with all the mood swings, he's done it before ;) YOU are the best thing that happened to him Heather, and I'm SOOOOO happy for you guys and the little Hatch baby on the way!! LOVE YOU!!

Heather said...

A life being lived-- thank you so much for your kind words on my posts. I just got done reading your story as a BM also and think your amazing and strong and our stories are alike in many many ways..

m.e.w said...

i love the H&B.
glad he can handle you!