True Love

True Love

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Lots of happenings

This past weekend was a few firsts for out little guy.. His first trip out of state to Cali, his first airplane ride)my first time flying alone with a newborn) and his first long car ride home.

The weekend started out on Thursday for Easton and I. We got up really early at 4am to head to the airport and catch out 645am flight to Cali. We got to the airport, Braden got us checked in and we said good by to daddy and headed to our gate. I expected Easton to be fussy the whole plane ride, but Easton did so good, he slept until we boarded out plane, I fed him and just as we were taking off he sucked on his binkie and slept the whole flight, as we were getting ready to land he woke up so I gave him his binkie so he wouldnt hurt his ears and he cried a little bit. The flight attendants all loved him, he was the only baby on the flight of all business people, so luckily he did great and slept the whole trip. The best part for Easton was he got to meet our pilot and see the cockpit and sit in the pilots chair. He got a certificate they dont do the wing anymore but everyone side his certificate. Then Auntie Momo picked us up and we headed to Grandma's work so he could get lots of love and meet everyone and then we meet up with Laura and mom for lunch and Easton got to meet his Great Uncle and Aunt. Thursday was a very long day for Easton but he did so well and pretty much kept to his schedule.

Friday was a fun relaxing day for Easton and I. We got to hang out with Grandma Warner for the most of the day and then Easton got to go with the girls for wedding mani's and pedi's which Uncle Steve came to watch him for us at the salon, he was a little fussy, must be like daddy and didnt want a pedi.

Saturday Easton got so much love, he got to meet so many people and be held all day. He got to meet his Granny Sarai and Grandpa Monte and his two Aunts, syda and omi and his uncle sal. He was a very handsome little man matching all the groomsmen in the wedding. Melanie's wedding was this day too. She was a beautiful bride. She had 80 people in the temple with her and probably about 100 outside waiting to meet the new Mrs. Barlow. WE are so very happy for Melanie and Jacob. The ceremony was beautiful and the reception was alot of fun and filled with a wonderful surprise from her in laws of a Flash Mob, the night ended with the infamous Melanie Dance Party and they get to spend their honeymoon at Disneyland, what a fun time.

Sunday Braden and I drove back to Arizona, Easton did so good up till about the last 2 hours of the trip, his poor little tummy was hurting him, he didnt want to be in his carseat any longer and was super tired, once we got home around 8pm and got him out of the carseat he was pretty much a happy baby, he did have a little trouble going to sleep that night, just had to get back into his routine and schedule, which surprisingly the whole trip he really wasnt off his schedule. Being such a scheduled person and planner I was really worried about this but it worked out great. SO grateful for all the wonderful family and friends who played and took care of our little guy. He had so much fun.
(not the best picture sorry)

Easton turned 3 months

-he hates, really hates tummy time, he will usually cry and then give up and lay there looking at us
-he has decided he doesnt want to roll over right now
- he weighs 15lbs
- still loves sucking his thumb and hands and of course his binkie
-he has started grabbing things and putting them in his mouth
- he is such a happy little baby, is almost always smiling unless he is tired or hungry
- he giggles so much
- he loves sitting in his bumbo
- he is now on a rice starch formula for his reflux, we are hoping he out grows this and cna get off his medicine, his dr put him on a new medicine- prevacid, which we are hoping will help.
- he is such a great sleeper, usually goes down at 10p and will put his self to sleep by 1015 and will still sleep till about 7am

Halloween this year was a bit of a last minute thought. I had a great family themed costume all planned out but I never got Easton's costume ordered. We were going to be Cardinal football players, Easton was going to be our football and sadie out Ref, but yea i slacked off on that.. so Easton was a Candy Corn ( sweetest, cutest baby ever) and braden was a hockey player and I was a Witch

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