True Love

True Love

Friday, September 2, 2011

Easton's Birth Story

Alright I am finally catching up on my blog.. so here it is

On Monday July 25th I went to work and got off at 530 .. while I was at work I was still having contractions about 4-5 mins apart they would stay like that for an hour then stop, so I was told I wasn't in active labor so no need to go to the hospital.( Prior to this day, I was in car accident at 29 weeks and went into preterm labor and since that point I always had contractions...)... I got home cleaned the house a little.. helped Braden make dinner about 830pm, contractions were still 4-5 mins apart, we decided to go on a walk around 10pm to see if they would last longer than an hour and they did, so I called my dr and she said to go ahead and go into the hospital so I showered and then we left. We got there I was dilated to a3 80% effaced, they had me walk the hospital for an hour, we lapped all floors and took the stairs to each floor ( my bright idea lol), after an hour they checked me and no change so home I went. I was planning on going to work on Tuesday July 26th, Braden wanted me to stay home but I didn't want to sit around waiting when I could be busy at work .... Well Braden got his wish, at 330am my contractions became 2-3 mins apart and were getting stronger every hour, by 730am came around (I let Braden sleep that whole time) I could no longer talk or anything thru my contractions, so we called the Dr and she said go back in, so Braden got everything repacked in the car and I slowly made my way to the car, the drive seemed to take forever and the hospital is only 2 mins away, but it seems like forever, we got there Braden got me checked in and the nurses took me and got me changed into my gown and hooked up to everything, they checked me and I was a 5 now, they moved fast and got me back to labor and delivery and hooked up again and this time I was about a 6 and I couldnt last any longer thru the pain, I let them know I wanted my Epidural ( well thru the tears and screams), I was surprised how fast the anasteologist got there, he was very kind and the epi didnt really hurt, Braden was so good to me thru this whole process even though I know it was hard for him to see his wife in so much pain,. the Epi kicked in and I was feeling good, I actually got a 20 min nap in and then started to feel contractions again, called the nurse and they started to rotate me around, but nothing was happening the pain would come and go. Finally it was time to push, the dr broke my water and we found out that Easton was sunnyside up-- which usually ends us in emergency c-section, I pushed for an hour and half and at about 1 hour into pushing my epi wore off  and Easton's heart rate was dropping, they put an internal monitor in and told me I had to get him out and they couldnt get me any meds, I lost it, broke down, wanted to give up, scared for my baby, the pain was unbearable(I am a baby with pain), everytime I pushed he would tilt his head back and get stuck Dr. Offer had to suction him out, I was terrified, but had my loving supportive husband right by my ear telling me I can do this, he needs to come out, you got this... he was so calm(which i desperately needed) finally I was able to push him out, Braden was staying by my side to make sure I was ok, I told him I was and to check on Easton, I keep asking is he ok, is he breathing, whats going on, it seemed like a blur to me those few moments until the nurse showed me my beautiful healthy baby boy, he has a huge goose egg bruise on the front of his head from the suction, but he was healthy, no problems, apgar scores were 8-9 he weight 7lbs 8oz 20 inches long, he was so alert and strong, he was already holding his head up when they gave him to me...he looked perfect.

We are so grateful to our Heavenly Father for giving us such a perfect little angel and that both Easton and I were ok and no complications came from this. The love I have for this little boy is overwhelming, he truly is a blessing in our lives and we love having him and staring at him we dont like to put him down, he is just so precious.

after my epidural

our first family photo


audra said...

So nice to finally read the birth story! But I gotta laugh, you were crying and screaming at 6cm?! Girl I've never even had an epidural before 7cm, lol. How much bigger was he than Evie? Wasn't she tiny?

Heather said...

The screaming was after the Epi wore otf while I was pushing...he was 7oz bigger... I am a baby when it comes to pain