True Love

True Love

Sunday, July 11, 2010


This past week has been up and down. I started my new job, completed week 1 of 6 weeks, 5 more to go. I love fraud and i cant wait to get onto the floor and start working claims. My husband has been so good to me(as he always is) but this week its meant more to me. I have been going thru a bit lately and finally getting better and I am so grateful I have a Priesthood holder in my home, not growing up with it, its meant alot to me. I dont ask for blessing very often, its probably rare for me to ask for one, but this week i really needed one and i love my husband for honoring his priesthood. I am starting to feel better now and I am so grateful to be able to move forward.

Good news!!

my mom came in to town this weekend for a visit to see us, well to see her cute granddaughter. Saturday we met up with The Allen's for a little bit of swimming, I wasnt able to swim but i still had fun. Evelyn got to play with Grandma and Braden and her parents in the pool as i sat and watch, i did get wet cause she would get out and give me a hug and help her out so she could jump in. Even though i wasnt allowed to swim yesterday I still had alot of fun. I got to hear her talking, she talks alot in English and Spanish and SHE CAN SAY HEATHER (HEADER!!) below is a video of it. Hearing her same my name and get excited to see me and give my loves and hugs and besos made the day a great day. I am so great ful for a loving open adoption and having the opportunity to be a part of her life.

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