True Love

True Love

Saturday, January 30, 2010


its been awhile since i have last posted on here. i do post alot on my birthmother blog. Not much has been going on lately with us. We both have been working alot. Trying to get back into school. I have been going back to my support group after i took a bit  of time off, i am glad to be back. cant wait for this week. we are going to be planning our service activity. Thanks to this blog she has inspired The mesa LDS family service office to start their own. I am excited to get this going. I really hope it turns into something big.

We are creating Birthmother baskets to send home with each birthmother  when they leave the hospital. it will have lots of self care items and other fun needed items to help support after placement. We will be planning fundraiser and how to collect donations. i will be creating a blog for th blaskets with a paypal link for donations as well as and address to mail dontations. this is a good cause so please spread the word on this. I am excited to get this rolling.

Braden and I are doing wonderful. the house is still coming along... his brother gets home from his mission on march 26th and my sister comes home from her mission on march 6th i cant wait to see her and meet straton.we find it funny that we havent meet eachother brother and sister, maybe they will date. :) well this is all for now i will post  new pictures when i take more..


audra said...

Your brother in law's name is Stratton? That's my nephew's name and I'd never heard it before. Way to go for the baskets! I'm glad you thought of the Paypal link too, given that there are usually less than 30 placements a year, it should be pretty easy to get enough donations to make some cool baskets. Love that you are doing it!

Heather said...

Thanks.. I can't wait for you to come back maybe you can give me someother good ideas for it to and help me out withit.. i cant wait to work with you at lds service if you are still there when i graduate.. miss ya lots