True Love

True Love

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Valentine's Day

So I had an amazing V-day. I meet Braden at his house at 8pm, he was waiting outside for me I got out of my car and then he told me we were running late for our reservations for dinner, he said he was taking me out for steak and lobster. :) what a nice man, as we were driving he thought he was lost so he called the resturant that we were late and they told him our reservations had been given away cause we were late, so we told them we would come and wait for a table. Well we are driving and basically end up back at his house.( his family was in town for the weekend). He told me that he had dinner planned at his house and his dad was cooking for us and his sisters were our servers. How sweet. this is what the evening lookes like. Oh I got my gift and no it wasnt a wedding proposal it was Kay Jeweler Open heart necklace i love it. It was abosultly the best Valentines ever.


Katarina said...

Thats so dang cute..

When are you getting that ring?

Ha Ha Hope your doing well sunshine.

Debbie and Matt said...

Awwww... you guys are sooo cute! He seems like he really sweet and good to u! How are you doing?