True Love

True Love

Thursday, March 19, 2009

exciting news

I am officially a business owner. I own Precious Cakes with one employee Loni Hatch. I have a blog address for it. I currently make fake wedding cakes, but i am gtting married and Loni and I are working on making a real wedding cake. She is making it and I am decorating it. ahh i am so excited.

the first cake i recently made last year for my friends wedding and the 5 tier cake was my first wedding cake. they are made out of styrofoam with real buttercream frosting and fondent. the 3 tier has fake flowers with pearls glued on it and the second one is on roudn risers with real roses.

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Katarina said...

Getting Married ?

Im waiting for a picture of the ring and how he asked! lol