True Love

True Love

Friday, February 6, 2009

Adoption Outreach Pamphlet Photoshoot

For my daughter I wanted her to have so much more than I did. I wanted her to have a father that would be there all the time for her, to have daddy daughter dates and much more. I knew I couldn’t provide this for her. I have a best from who was adopted and I know many people who have adopted children. I knew with all my heart that adoption was what would be best for my baby. I was so happy that I was able to choose my daughters parents, it meant a lot to me to have an open adoption, I needed to know that she was happy and loved. When I met my baby’s parents for the first time I knew they would love her as much as I do. I knew they were perfect for her. When they came around there was a sense of peace and love. I knew they loved me and will love my baby. The day I placed my baby in there arms for the first time after I signed my rights a sense of peace, comfort and love overwhelmed me. I will not lie this was not an easy decision for me but I thought of what my baby needed and her parents were everything and more. I have given not only my daughter wonderful gift, it was a gift of love. I am grateful for my baby’s parents and the love they show her, my family and I have been blessed and blessed many others lives with my decision. I love my daughter with all my heart and she will know I have always and will always love her


Kween said...

Thank you for your comment. This has been very hard but very easy at the same time because I know this is what's best for him.


Debbie and Matt said...

Heather... WHO TAKES UR PICTURES! Ur pictures look so good! and I LOVE UR HAIR! how do u do that? man... mine is so boring!

Laura Anna-Marie said...

sister these are gorgeous pictures of you!! put them on miracles!!