True Love

True Love

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


This past year has been quite the rollercoaster, started with a divorce, then me finding out i was pregant, then Placeing my precious little angel with such an amazing family who loves her as much as i do then ended with a special visit while my sister was here in town for New Years with me. My sister Laura, Braden and I meet Daniel and Lynzie at Pita Jungle for dinner and a visit. Evelyn was such a good little girl. I got to fed her and hold her and even when she fell asleep I stil held her. My sister got to hold her too. I love Daniel and Lynzie, they are such sweet people filled with the spirit so strong. Here are some of the pictures from my visit with them..

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arreolafamily said...


I love your blog it's so cute. I just wanted you to know that I think your a great person and that I look up to you. I don' think I could have done what you had to do. Remember That the Lord loves you very much and is very happy with you and what you have done. Take care sweetie. Love Michelle