True Love

True Love

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My Decision

I recently had a beautiful little girl on October 28, 2008 @ 8:32am Her name was Madysen AnnLynn Yruegas ( Named after my mother Terri Lynn and Ray's Mother Cynthia Ann). When I was 5 months pregnant I made the decision to place my daughter for Adoption thru LDS Family services. This was not an easy decision as her father Ray wanted to keep her, but we couldnt stay together. I wanted my daughter to have more than I did, but most of all I wanted her to have the priesthood in her home. I started looking thru profiles and finally found her parents Daniel and Lynzie. I felt that this was who her parents were suppose to be. Believe me this was not an easy decision as I came out of a marriage, and had a miscarriage. I longed for a family for so long and now I had one but it was not how I wanted my family to be. I knew in my heart that adoption was what was best. It wasnt that I couldnt be happy with her father, but i was missing the gospel. It wasnt that I didnt want to be a single mother, I could be a great mother, but my daughter deserved this gift I was giving her. My adoption is an open adoption. Her new parents are amazing and they love her as much as I do and they love me. Many will not agree with my decision but my daughter will grow up knowing I love her and who I am. She will know why I did this, She will know that I helped her mommy and daddy start a family that they couldnt do on their own. I will forever love her dearly and she will understand. This was a selfless decision. Everything I do from this point out is for her and no one else.

Her parents named her Evelyn, she is named after my mother Terri Lynn and Lynzie's mother Terrilynn--- she gets a part of both families. I love Daniel and Lynzie and I am so happy that they are her parents. They have a great love for the gospel and eachother. Evelyn will get to experience many things in her life and have the priesthood in her home like she deserves.


LDS Family Services Birth Parent Group said...

Wow you were busy last night! Great posts, between your blog and Katt's I've gotten a bit teary-eyed today. You ladies are wonderful and I feel so lucky to witness such heroic acts as yours.

Cami said...

Heather, you are one amazing woman. I loved reading your story. I hope you know I am always here when you need me, don't hesitate to call.
<3 Cami

Katarina said...

Your amazing girl! Your blog made my eyes *blurry * as my dad says!

Its amazing how they change every single day and just grow!