True Love

True Love

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Delivery(Cherie Call)

She was only seventeen and she knew she couldn't keep himBut at that very moment she wished that she could tryHe was sleeping in her arms with his hand around her fingerWhen a woman came and told her it was time to say goodbyeSo she wrapped him in a blanket as her tears fell on his headAnd she sent him with a letter, and this is what it said;
"I delivered you from Heaven, from God's gentle loving careAnd I've entrusted you to mortals who have wished and prayed you thereThey will be your earthly parentsListen well to what they saySo they can deliver you back to HeavenAnd I'll meet you there someday"
One day a few weeks later someone gave her a letterAnd as she read the words she had to wipe the tears awayIt said, "We don't know how to thank youThere are things that words can't sayHe's the sunshine and the happiness that brightens all our daysAnd we couldn't live without him, and we love him as our ownHe has filled the empty spaces in our family and our home
You delivered him from Heaven, something only you could doAnd you have trusted us to love him and to teach him what is trueYou have been our earthly angelAnd I hope you know we prayThat we can deliver him back to HeavenAnd that we'll meet you there someday
And even though you may not get to hold him for a whileA piece of you will be with himEvery time he smilesAnd when he looks at his reflection, he'll see traces of the faceOf the one who made the sacrifice to send him to this place
Last night we read a story of a man who had a sonWho was from a different father, but he loved him as his ownAnd as he laid Him in a manger there were angels that were singingAnd he knew that as a father he would never be aloneThere are times we feel like JosephWe need help from up aboveAnd when you gave your son, you showed that father's kind of loveWhen you delivered him from HeavenFrom God's gentle loving careAnd you entrusted him to mortals who had wished and prayed him thereAnd when this life's laid out before usI hope we all can sayThat we delivered this child togetherWhen we meet again somedayWe'll deliver him back to heavenAnd we'll meet you there someday

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