True Love

True Love

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

30 weeks

Wow!! I can't believe I only have 10 weeks left till we get to meet our little Easton. I am still feeling great, no morning sickness, still no real cravings, with it getting hotter I mostly want fruit and salads and sandwiches. We don't cook inside much, we do alot of grilling, well Braden does most well all of teh grilling.. :) He has been such a husband. He has been doing 95% of the cooking since we found out I was pregnant, mostly because I really couldnt cook much because of the smells of food, but I am over that. We grill alot because of the heat.. Easton is doing great growing every day and kicking and punching everyday. he moves from the point I wake up to the point I go to sleep which is about 1030pm, not too bad.. if he does stay awake at night I don't know cause he doesn't wake me up, which I know for some woman they can't sleep, I feel lucky I can sleep thru his movements at night.

here is my 30 week bump

We had a dr appt at 29 weeks and had out final ultra sound, along with more blood work and my rogham shot. Easton is growing right on track, due date right now is still Aug 8th. We got the 3d pictures, he kept trying to cover his face with his hand, he is soo precious. I can't wait to hold him i my arms.

The nursery is coming along great. I have started working on the crib bedding. the bumper pads are complete, I have 2 sheet to make, a matching quilt and throw pillow and then just some small accent pieces to add to the room then it will finally be complete.

this is the bumper pad i  made

Saturday, May 14, 2011

It has happened......

Well it finally happened... my littlest sister is engaged. She was proposed to last night at the LA Temple. we skyped with Melanie and and Jacob on Sunday and he had asked my mom for her hand in marriage and Braden and I gave our approval too.... He is such a sweet guy and they are perfect for eachother I am so overcome with joy for Melanie and Jacob.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

BIrthmothers Day

This special day occurs every year on the Saturday before Mother's Day. Its a day to remember Birthmothers all over the world and let them know they are loved and not forgotten.
This day was created by a group of woman in Seattle Washington in 1990.
Many, if not all Birthmothers will say that Mothers day is one of the hardest days for them. I know that for my it has been a hard day for the last 3 years. Knowing birthmothers have a day to celebrate and be remember for their selfless sacrifice has helped ease the pain, but doesnt completely take it all away.

Yes I know this time time year I will be celebrating my first Mothers day with my little family but it doesnt mean I won't feel the pain of not havin my angel with me, but I always remember the gift I was able to give Lynzie, the gift of being a MOM herself and having that opportunity to raise her child and have an eternal family. I am grateful for them and forever will be grateful and never forgot my little angel on Mothers day.

My sweet husband made sure this was a special Birthmothers day for, especially since he had to work and The Allens are on the eastcoast. My day started off very relaxing, I got to sleep in, the house was already cleaned(braden did that during the week) I recieved my favorite flowers and candy and soda, then meet up for lunch at a little cafe in Gold Canyon, on my way to lunch I recieved a much needed phone call from The Allens wishing me a Happy Birthmothers Day, my sweet Evelyn sang to me and told me I love you. My day was complete after this, no one could bring me down, then I was able to go shopping for soe ewell needed clothes, then Braden and I went to dinner at La Grande Orange in Phoenix, The Allens took me there for dinner on one of our many visits, then we went to the movies with our dear friends Kelcie and Taylor. My day was an amazing day, a day of relaxation and reflection of the past 2 1/2 years. I am grateful for all the love of my family and friends and the support for the past 2 1/2 years.


 less than 1 day old
3 days old

Placement day Oct 31 2008

3 weeks old

(my first Birthmothers day 2009)

(birthmothers day 2010)